Abs - Personal Trainer

My services were recently referred to Absalom Curry (better known as Abs), he’s a local personal trainer at Go Health Clubs in Springwood.

He was in the process of developing his new website and wanted a bunch of videos to show off his skills and services as a personal trainer.  I met with him at his gym for our first consultation so I could discuss his ideas in more depth and see the filming locations firsthand.

During this time, I also informed him about my filming style and we talked about production ideas, music styles, deadlines, budgets and locations. We completed 3 shoots in total and I created all of his videos within a couple of weeks.

Abs is a really passionate trainer and he was awesome to work with throughout the entire project, you can view the rest of his videos on his new website.

Junho Oh!

Here is a short concept video of my buddy Junho Oh busting out some dance moves. Junho is captain of his local dance crew back home in South Korea and we wanted to make a couple of videos while he was traveling over here in Australia.

We listened to a number of tracks before we developed more creative ideas, filming styles and locations. He created the choreography for this piece and I created the vision – check it out.

“Gypsy made one of my lifelong dreams come true (TWICE) - to shoot my own choreography video. Although it was the first time filming a dance video for both of us, she knew what kind of angles, edits, and effects were needed by studying other dance videos. She truly knows what clips she needs to put together a finishing masterpiece.”
Junho Oh