Sunny Queen Eggs recently approached me to create a series of stylish food videos showing off some of their egg pulp recipes.

These videos were pitched to their corporate clients throughout Asia and the Middle East and they were very successful (so successful in fact we decided to create 5 extra videos!!).

This project was the first time that I’ve worked with food on a professional level and it was an interesting shift of content.

Challenging to say the least!
I definitely gained some skills and experience points completing this project.

I really enjoyed working with the team at Sunny Queen and I have a new found passion for food videography.

Contact me if you require any food-related content for your business today!

Abs - Personal Trainer

My services were recently referred to Absalom Curry (better known as Abs), he’s a local personal trainer at Go Health Clubs in Springwood.

He was in the process of developing his new website and wanted a bunch of new videos to show off his skills and services as a personal trainer.  I met with him at his gym for our first consultation so I could discuss his ideas in more depth and see the filming locations firsthand.

During this time, I also informed him about my filming style and we talked about production ideas, music styles, deadlines, budgets and locations. We’ve completed 8 different shoots since then and I’m very proud of all his content.

Abs is a really passionate trainer and he was awesome to work with throughout the entire project, you can view the rest of his videos on his new website…or book him in for a session 😉