Go GoPro!

Today I captured another before and after video for Brisbane Tree Experts of their job at Newstead Park. The crew were performing a tree root investigation on a weeping fig tree to determine whether or not it had a root disease called Phellinus noxius (Brown Root Rot). This disease is a common problem throughout Brisbane and the infected trees will rot at the base and unexpectedly fall over. Causing as little damage as possible, BTE needed to expose the roots using a water blaster and vacuum to determine whether it had the disease or not.

The guys got absolutely filthy throughout the process and were covered head-to-toe in mud, thankfully my cameras and I stayed clean (Well, aside from my GoPro). I decided to attach my GoPro to the handle of the water blaster for a cool point of view effect. I love experimenting with footage when I see an opportunity and this was my favourite shot.

Fortunately, this tree did not suffer from the root disease so it can live to see another day.