Meet Abs

Client – F.I.I.T Futures
Project – Meet Abs

My services were recently referred to Absalom Curry (better known as Abs), he’s a local personal trainer at Go Health Clubs in Springwood.
He was in the process of developing his new website and wanted a bunch of videos to show off his skills and services as a personal trainer. I met with him at his gym for our first consultation so I could discuss his ideas in more depth and see the locations firsthand.

During this time, I also informed him about my filming style and we talked about production ideas, music styles, deadlines, budgets and locations. We completed 3 shoots in total and I created all of his videos within a couple of weeks.

Abs is a really passionate trainer and he was awesome to work with throughout the entire project, you can view the rest of his videos on his new website.

BTE – Mater Hospital

Client – Brisbane Tree Experts
Project – Mater Hospital Tree Removal

I was contracted to create another before and after video for Brisbane Tree Experts this week. The crew needed to remove 7 large Elaeocarpus trees because they were causing water damage and flooding to the roof of a Mater hospital building. This job was epic!

They needed to put a climber into the trees to cut and then lift them out with a 100ft crane because the access was so limited. Traffic control managed the situation as the ground crew then chainsawed and chipped down the trees on site to complete the job.

This job took me around 7 hours to film from start to finish and I captured all of the footage using my slider and monopod for a professional look and feel. I also used my GoPro to capture the time lapses you see throughout the video.