Variety is the spice of life

I love working as a freelancer because I never know what to expect. Every job is different and I get really excited about trying new work opportunities.

This weekend I had to fly up to Emerald, Qld with a team of videographers to film a National Go Cart Championship. We were filming a live stream of the karts racing around the track so viewers could watch the event online. The production company is called My Sport Live and they film a number of sporting events throughout Victoria.

I had heaps of fun and I hope to work with the crew on more projects again in the future.

Go GoPro!

Today I captured another before and after video for Brisbane Tree Experts of their job at Newstead Park. The crew were performing a tree root investigation on a weeping fig tree to determine whether or not it had a root disease called Phellinus noxius (Brown Root Rot). This disease is a common problem throughout Brisbane and the infected trees will rot at the base and unexpectedly fall over. Causing as little damage as possible, BTE needed to expose the roots using a water blaster and vacuum to determine whether it had the disease or not.

The guys got absolutely filthy throughout the process and were covered head-to-toe in mud, thankfully my cameras and I stayed clean (Well, aside from my GoPro). I decided to attach my GoPro to the handle of the water blaster for a cool point of view effect. I love experimenting with footage when I see an opportunity and this was my favourite shot.

Fortunately, this tree did not suffer from the root disease so it can live to see another day.

Mr + Mrs Hunt

I had a beautiful shoot with Yvonne + Andrew on the 27th May 2017 as they celebrated their love in Byron Bay.

This was undoubtedly their special day and they owned it. Andrew patiently waited with their pug Wiggy at the alter for Yvonne to arrive and they cut their cake in style to Gangsters Paradise. I had so much fun with them throughout the day and I know they will treasure the footage for the rest of their lives. 

I hope Mr + Mrs Hunt (and Wiggy) experience a happy and joyous future together <3