Go GoPro!

Today I captured another before and after video for Brisbane Tree Experts of their job at Newstead Park. The crew were performing a tree root investigation on a weeping fig tree to determine whether or not it had a root disease called Phellinus noxius (Brown Root Rot). This disease is a common problem throughout Brisbane and the infected trees will rot at the base and unexpectedly fall over. Causing as little damage as possible, BTE needed to expose the roots using a water blaster and vacuum to determine whether it had the disease or not.

The guys got absolutely filthy throughout the process and were covered head-to-toe in mud, thankfully my cameras and I stayed clean (Well, aside from my GoPro). I decided to attach my GoPro to the handle of the water blaster for a cool point of view effect. I love experimenting with footage when I see an opportunity and this was my favourite shot.

Fortunately, this tree did not suffer from the root disease so it can live to see another day.

Brisbane Tree Experts – Before and After Shoot

I recently filmed Brisbane Tree Experts cleaning up the cliff behind Saint John’s Cathedral in Brisbane over the weekend. They wanted a video to show the before and after effects of their work at the site and I was excited to capture the guys in action. They had a pretty dangerous job ahead of them but they made it look easy. I had heaps of fun capturing shots with my slider and using time lapse techniques throughout the day to give the video a professional look and feel. Stay tuned as the job will be completed later this year.

The Man Made Challenge

Client – The Man Made Challenge
Project – 6 Reasons To Join The Man Made Challenge

I recently produced all of the video content for a new online fitness program called The Man Made Challenge. During this project I was also lucky enough to film a local Gold Coast hero who appeared on the Morning Show for stopping a local robbery with a busted plugger. I had heaps of fun working with James and the guys from The Man Made Challenge. Check out their promo video.

The Rudy Project 2015

Client – Rudy Pospisil
Project – The Rudy Project Trailer

Rudy Pospisil is a Canadian firefighter captain and a cancer survivor. He has made it his mission to ride his bicycle around the world to raise money and awareness towards cancer research.

During his Australian journey, I was lucky enough to travel with him and film his story.
We travelled down the East coast of Australia from Cairns to Melbourne, a 4500km ride and we raised almost $10, 000 for the Australian Cancer Council.

The trip came with its challenges but it was well worth the effort. Rudy is set to complete the final leg of his journey from Perth to Melbourne in Oct 2017. He hopes to use the footage collected to enter in film festivals across the globe.